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Unboxing, Try On, and Review of Infinitely Loft – July 2019

One of my goals is to spend less on clothing. It is a worthy goal, particularly because I don’t even care for clothes much and just see it as a necessity. Combine this rather dreaded necessity with some reading on the KonMari method and capsule wardrobes, and there I was, ripe for a change!

KonMari involves reducing the amount of clutter in your life, and capsule wardrobes involve just having the basics (somewhere around 35 pieces) which you can mix and match for your daily outfits. Both of these are right up my alley, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep just 35 articles of clothing and stick with it because… advertising, basically. I get probably 3 clothing catalogs a day in the mail and countless emails from every store I have ever purchased from. I can’t help but want to buy some of the new styles I see, possibly because of a new pattern, a new fit, or a color I don’t already have in my closet. The point is, I have my basics and I love them, but how do I stop from going crazy and buying the bright shiny new thing when it comes along?

My solution is simple… renting my wardrobe. I subscribed to two services and have been using them for a couple of months now. Infinite Style by Ann Taylor and Infinitely Loft both follow the same rules. You look through their extensive online catalog of clothing and add all that you like to your “closet.” You agree to their monthly fee, and then they will send you three items from your closet. You can mark items as being priorities and these will be more likely to ship first. You receive your three items in the mail and then can wear them as often as you want. You could keep them for a whole month if you wanted, but I tend to wear them just once or twice and then ship them straight back so I can get my next three items. I like having a quick turnaround so I always have something new to wear! You don’t have to wash the items as they are sent straight to their laundry facilities when you ship them back.

Do you see how magical this is? I constantly have 6 items in my closet that are brand new and in-season, but I’m not stuck with them forever. As soon as I’ve worn them a couple of times, they’re sent back and I get the next set! The shipping has been really quick. I indicate on their websites that I am in the process of shipping things back, and at that point they immediately get started putting together my next box. Shipping is free both ways, and they supply the return envelope with a pre-paid shipping label attached.

Want to learn more? Watch my YouTube video to see me open an Infinitely Loft package and try on the three items. If you have any fashion advice (please?), I’d be happy to hear it!




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