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I’m sure you’ve seen all of the ads and commercials for various razor subscriptions… I think I most often see Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club. I did know, however, that women’s razors were starting to get into the market as well. Billie caught my eye mostly because of their marketing. They have real women and aren’t afraid to encourage women to go all natural (such as keeping their armpit hair) if that’s what they want. They also talk a lot about the idea of a pink tax. This basically refers to the fact that you can take two identical items, such as a razor, and if you make one gray and one pink, you can charge a lot more for the pink one. This is true for anything, even PENS for some reason. It’s ridiculous. Anyway, Billie wants to do away with the pink tax and make sure their women’s razors are just as affordable as men’s razors. Sounds good, right?

So I ordered Billie’s starter pack online several weeks ago, just to give them a try. One real benefit of a razor subscription is that I can’t help but remember to replace my blades often! I admit I’m often terrible about that and keep blades way past when they’re due for the trash. I decided to purchase not only their starter pack but also a bottle of shave cream. I don’t use shave cream that often and wanted to see if it really made a difference.

The hardest part about ordering Billie is choosing the color. Seriously… they’re all beautiful. I ended up going with the periwinkle, and I’m telling you–it looks great in my shower! The starter kit was $9 and came with the razor, 2 blades, and a magnetic razor holder that has a back you can stick to your shower wall. This feature has me in love already. I hate leaving my razor lying on the shelf in the shower. It inevitably gets a bit grimy or the moisturizing strip starts sticking to things. Now that it hangs, it’s out of the way and stays clean and dry. The optional shave cream was an extra $8. I decided to get my refill blades (a four pack) every two months. I have no idea if that’s a good schedule for me–we’ll see!

So, how was the shave? Great! The razor did a fine job and I had no areas of irritation, even around sensitive areas like the bikini line or around places I have to make several passes over such as my knees. The shave cream seemed nice and I did feel extra smooth, but I felt like I had to use a lot of it at a time. I probably won’t be re-ordering it unless they have a sale.

My overall reaction is all positive for Billie razors. If you have any questions about them, feel free to ask! This isn’t a sponsored post and I’m in no way affiliated with the company–this is all just my opinion!




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