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A Beauty Box Fail

I recently subscribed to many subscription boxes, a few of which are defined as beauty boxes. These typically ship monthly and contain mostly skincare and makeup samples. One of the first I subscribed to was the Walmart Beauty bag, mostly because they said it was free… just pay $5 for shipping. That all sounded great, but you know how the saying goes… “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

The box came pretty quickly, but it was a major disappointment. The little makeup bag that comes with it, which looked cute on the website, was really small and rough like burlap once seen in person. The samples that came with the bag were a little pointless and oh-so small. These are the kinds of one-use packets that you can get free almost anywhere. Why did I just spend $5 on this?

If you find yourself researching various beauty subscription boxes and say to yourself that it’s just $5.00… stop. With that $5 you could buy a whole bottle of that shampoo (or whatever) instead of receiving a tiny packet of it with some other random items you don’t want or need. As I receive more beauty boxes, I’ll keep you updated with which ones are clearly worth it and which ones are definitely not worth your time or money. I hope my advice helps!

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