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Why a school librarian?

So, why did I become a school librarian? I guess you can call this my origin story!

It all started in the 9th grade. We had read the book The Lord of the Flies in English class, and it was the day of the test. When I got to my locker that morning, my whole class surrounded me. “Tell us what that book was about,” they demanded. “We know you read it.” I was floored. They hadn’t read the book? It was so good! It was at that point that I realized I could never be an English teacher. I could see myself years in the future, old and tired, assigning great books to my students and knowing they would just look up a summary online before the test. I couldn’t do it.

That afternoon I went down to the school library to speak to my librarian. I don’t even remember her name, but I remember she was always kind and never judged me on what I checked out. That afternoon she told me she loved her job, and that was that. When it came time to think about college, I told my guidance counselor I was going to be a school librarian. I knew from my research that it was a Master’s Degree program, so I decided to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Education. I asked the guidance counselor what the best education school in Ohio was, and that’s how I ended up at BGSU.

I have now been working in libraries for half my life. At 18 I got my work study in my university library, and I worked in another university library while earning my Masters of Library & Information Science. I got a lot of great experience, but university libraries were never where my heart was. I couldn’t wait to get into a K-12 school. Finally, in 2008 I graduated and got my first school librarian position. I can’t think of another job that I could possibly love so much as the one I have now. Working with my students every day is a privilege, and I’m proud to be a part of their lives. I am not just someone who suggests books to them and teaches them how to cite their sources. For many, I am a trusted adult in their lives… someone they can count on to be there for them and listen to what they have to say. As I said, it’s a privilege, and I do not take it lightly.

If any of you are thinking of becoming a librarian, I would be happy to discuss it with you! There are so many aspects to the job, and it can be exhausting at times, but oh-so fulfilling as well. I’m truly lucky to have found a job I’m passionate about at such a young age.

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