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Stupid Carbs…

Everyone is talking about the keto diet these days. Have you tried it yet? I have never had weight loss success like I have on the keto diet or a modified low-carb diet. So… why am I not eating keto right now? Carbs. Stupid carbs. I read an article recently that said pizza is a great example of how addictive certain foods can be.

“I’m fascinated by the fact that people will eat almost any kind of pizza — not necessarily the ‘best’ pizza — and part of that is the fact that it is the uber selection of ingredients that have fat, sugar and salt, that pleases the amygdala [a set of neurons in the brain] and makes the brain very happy,” said Gail Vance Civille. “It delivers on the food matrix that people tend to crave and want, and feeds the brain, which says ‘this is just wonderful.’ “

I keep following what I’m sure is a familiar pattern to you all. I start a diet, I do amazingly well for several weeks, and sometimes several months at a time. And then? I mess it all up. Why is it so hard to come back from a misstep? We all have days where we’ll eat too much or make poor choices. This is especially true around the holidays or while on vacation. Take a quick look at my weight graph below. It shows my (mostly) daily weigh-ins from 2016 to the present.

Obviously I’ve had some very good weight loss results in there, but I inevitably give up and gain it all back. You can even see that I lose weight much faster than I put it on. During the two most dramatic periods, I lost 30 pounds in 5 months and 25 pounds in 3 months, respectively.

I thought this summer would be an easy time to lose weight because, as a school employee, summers involve much less stress. What I now realize, however, is that I need a lot of structure in order to succeed. My summer is full of family trips, house guests, holidays, and conferences. All of this leads to my brain telling me that it’s a special occasion and therefore my rules shouldn’t count. It’s also a freaking furnace outside. I live in the south, and it’s about 95 degrees with 85% humidity every day. My morning walks haven’t been happening because it’s unbearable even at 5:30am.

What’s the solution? I’m going to try to minimize the damage I cause myself over the next two weeks while I celebrate Independence Day and fly home to visit my family. After that I’ll do all I can to have very structured days with no surprises. I will post my diet and exercise plan soon. I hope you’ll join me in building a healthier lifestyle!

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